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Automatic Sprinkler Local 281, U.A. Welfare Fund is partnering with Viveka Health to bring a Mobile App to the Participants of the Fund. With the Viveka Health App, you will have instant access to your eligibility, medical information, and a whole lot more:

Get started! It’s Simple.  Click on "Viveka" below link to scan the QR code 


Health and Welfare History

Automatic Sprinkler Local 281, U.A. Welfare Fund was established November 12, 1952.

The original agreement and Declaration of Trust entered into on the 12th day of November 1952 by and between National Automatic Sprinkler and Fire Control Association of New York and Chicago Journeymen Sprinkler Fitters and Apprentices Local Union 281 of the United Association, was established to provide health insurance for “eligible employees” under the Jurisdiction of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

L.U. 281 Trustees
Bryan LaRoche - Chairman
Neal McLaughlin - Trustee
Employer Trustees
Lance Gunnells - Secretary
Alex Sui - Trustee

Tim Morrin - Welfare Fund Administrator
Kelly Jo Lavko - Assistant Fund Administrator
Katie Hummer - Claims Manager
Mary Mitchell - Fund Representative
Erica Veugeler - Fund Representative

The term “eligible employee” shall include:

  1. All employees and dependents of employers
  2. Retired employees
  3. Union employees.
At the time of the original agreement, there were 350 members, and the funding mechanism was 7-1/2 cents per hour for each man- hour of work.

To say we have come “a long way” would be an understatement. The current membership has grown to over 1422 members and the contribution rate is $14.20 per man- hours worked.

“The Fund” is totally self- insured and administered from our office at 11900 S. Laramie, Alsip, IL. “The Fund” includes medical, prescription, dental and eye care.

Fund Office inquiries (708) 597-1832
Fund Office fax number (708) 371-7562

Benefits News

Virtual Physical Therapy - (1/2/2024)

Local 281’s Welfare Fund has partnered with Hinge Health, to offer a zero-cost virtual physical therapy benefit starting January 1, 2024.  Hinge Health is the market leader in digital/virtual musculoskeletal care.  Through Hinge Health’s all-in-one virtual application, you and your family will have access to various virtual musculoskeletal programs under the supervision and care of a licensed Doctor in Physical Therapy. 

Hinge Health is FREE for Automatic Sprinkler Local 281, U.A. Welfare Fund active participants, pre-Medicare retirees, and pre-Medicare eligible dependents age 18 and over.  For more info visit the Hinge Health registration site:  Chicago Automatic Sprinkler Fitters Local 281 and Hinge Health

Hinge Health Flyer

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